Thursday, March 23, 2017

Miniature Local Dessert: Ice Kachang (1)

I love ice kachang since I was young and I really enjoy it when the weather is hot.  How do keep the ice kachang forever? and finally I got my first forever ice kachang in 2010 made if clay.

( I self -taught miniature food making in 2005 and tried all sort of methods to make the ice kachang looks real using simple materials ) . Below are my handmade miniature clay food: ice kachang.  Enjoy!
All the miniature food shown below already sold out. I take custom made orders , please make your order earlier as I need drying time.

                          My handmade miniature fake food: Ice kachang & tau suan ,using materials: clay

Ice kachang and tau suan

The size of this is about a 50 cent coin 

                  I put the ingredients at the side of the ice mountain so that it can been seen clearly.
                     (PS: for a real ice kachang , the ingredients are hide inside the mountain.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Team Bonding @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Want to have a cup of  fake ice cream sundae with your favourite toppings?   This hands on miniature fake food lesson was held at Ngee Ann Poly. Everyone brought back their handmade miniature ice cream sundae feeling happy and  satisfied.

Team bonding lesson at Ngee Ann Poly

Everyone is new to miniature fake food craft art but they did very well and enjoyed the lesson so much.

These fake food are from team 6

Try their best to make their  miniature ice cream look delicious and tasty ....

The fake miniature ice cream sundae were so well done! very impressive!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miniature Poop Emoji

Have you ever received a poop emoji? it is so cute that I can't wait to make one using clay! Hope you like my handmade miniature poop's family.

My handmade miniature clay poop emoji family. 

"Hello, how are you?"  This is the first poop emoji i made .

Then I made another one with a smiling face and become his wife. 

"Hi, I am a poop emoji"  :)

The 3rd one I made was slightly smaller than the other 2 poop , so become their kid. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hands on Miniature Pokemon Workshop

This clay making class on miniature pokemon figurines was held at Cheng San Zone C RC open house last week.  The response was so good that within the 3 hours event , I finished  all of my prepared materials.  You can also check my clay craft making classes with the CC or RC and join them. I was too busy in teaching that day so only 3 photos were taken!

These 2 young sisters are happy with their handmade miniature pikachu.

Fully focus on their art pieces.  The Q is outside of the classroom.

These are some of my handmade miniature pokemon samples. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Miniature Singapore Local Kuehs

Have you eaten all the kuehs in Singapore? I haven't  but I have handmade most of the kuehs in miniature size using Clay.  Miniature ang ku kueh, peng (rice) kueh, huat kueh, tutu kueh, min chiang kueh , soon kueh , chwee kueh....custom made available.

My handmade miniature tutu kuehs 

My handmade miniature peng kueh, ang ku kueh and white kueh 

My handmde miniatue clay mian chiang kueh with peanuts and coconut filling 


My handmade miniature chwee ckueh 

                                                      my handmade miniatuere soon kueh

My handmade miniature huat kueh 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hands-On Workshop

Below shown some miniature clay figurines that students  done at my workshop. They wished to handmade themselves  with their own ideas and designs.  As long as not that difficult for beginners I will help them and let  them craft their ideals figurines/designs themselves. Come to my workshop and craft it yourself and have FUN !

J crafted this big dog herself  as a cake topper for her pet's birthday cake . This was her first time at my workshop. 

The couples crafted their favourite cartoon characters. 

This 3 layers cake was handcrafted by Jerene , her husband and her 4 years old daughter.

As requested , teach the public how to make the pikachu and charmender 

As requested , the young teenagers wished to make totolo figurines 

Another cartoon character : nemo

Hands-on workshop : make their miniature favourite tsum tsum characters and cakes

So sweet! with their handmade miniature layer cake

Friday, February 17, 2017

Miniature Fake Food: Mee Pok

Do you like to eat noodles?  I love it so much especially mee-pok. that's the reason my first miniature local dishes/food  of  Singapore that  I made was mee-pok,  I do keep a few of them but most of my handmade miniature mee/noodles sold out fast.

My handmade miniature fake food : Singapore's style Mee Pok

I made different sizes for my miniature mee pok and other mee/noodles (below)

My handmade miniature fish ball noodles 

I added some chill and sauce to this miniature handmade mee pok

My favourite food:  Dried Mee Pok  . 
The above photo is not real one , is made of air dry Clay, so I can it keep for ever...  I use to give it as a gift for someone that love noodle. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine Day!

 Happy Valentine Day!
 I hope you have a great time and wonderful day with your loved ones tomorrow .


My handmade super mini roses inside a mini glass bottle. ,,,,for everyone 

You can handmade the things that your loved like and keep it inside this tiny glass bottle give as a present to her/him 

                                                                                        My handmade miniature fake waffle with love

                                                                                            My handmade miniature cakes.

Friday, February 10, 2017


I was interviewed on 27th Jan 2017 by MediaCorp TV programme Channel 8 :  晨光第一线 on the topic of using Air Dry Clay making miniature local food and figurines.

Kin at MediaCorp Channel 8 晨光第一线





Interviewed me on the topic of making miniature laksa as a gift to our former Late President in 2012