Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Miniature Food & Figurines

This is my miniature workshop at 24 Pagoda Street, Chinatown, Singapore. This is my little world full with my handmade miniature food and figurines done in the past few years ( almost 12 years). Lots of them had been sold, but I still keep some of my favorite and precious one.

My miniature world

Many miniature food and figurines have been made since 2005

I like to make different sizes not only scale 1:12

My handmade miniature local Singapore food

My handmade miniature local Singapore dessert and kuehs

This miniature display board show casing my handmade miniature local food in scale 1;12

Making miniature cartoon figurines is one of my favourite .

These special different types of laksa were made as a gift for our Late 6th president Mr SR Nathan . 

My miniature little world @ kinsminiature.com  , please follow me at kinsminiature@ Instagram

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Handmade Miniature Food

I have been making miniature food for more than 12 years, I still making and teaching as I love all these miniature figurines and food but not as many as compare to 3 years ago. I still learning as I know there is no ending in learning journey.  Welcome to my workshop and learn as long as you have passion on this clay art and love what you have made, you can do better than me. Below are some of my creations .

Miniature Food: These are all my hard work: handmade them one by one 

I handmade bigger sizes on noodles as they can be seen clearly as all the noodles are handcrafted one by one

My handmade miniature food: size 20 cents coin to 50 cents coin

The live size of tutu kueh using clay

Live size fake food: Mee pok and half boiled eggs.

I do not have so many miniature food now at my displace case as I reduce my workload and do some other easy part time job.

You need to have patient and good eye sight when making these miniature food , the most important thing is that you must really have passion in this job. 

I don't make in mass production as I like to handle the food one by one to make sure they are in the condition that I wanted and when I finished , I really appreciate to myself that I didn't waste all the materials that come to me and the talent that given to me.  (I self-taught in making miniature food since 2005)

These miniature food are made basically from our local food that we eat and seen in Singapore.

Please visit my web: kinsminiature.com for more workshops and pictures. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

My handmade miniature durian

These are my handmade miniature durian using clay. You can customize it into jewellery eg earings, key chain etc. or an offering . A fake mini durian that you can keep forever!!

My handmade miniature durian

all the thorns are handmade one by one 

different sizes of miniature durian

I love durian, what about you? a fake mini durian that you can keep forever and ever. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Miniature Bak ku Teh

One of the Singaporeans' favourite local food: Bak ku teh . Using air dry clay, I handmade it into miniature size , so you can keep it as a souvenir or make it into a fridge magnet .

Miniature Singapore Food: Bak Ku Teh set

My handmade miniature bak ku teh with you tiao, chili black sauce and rice. 

Miniature Bak ku Teh

Friday, May 31, 2019

My Handmade Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food in this mini push cart are handmade using air dry clay. The basket of the mini vegetables is the most difficult part among all the miniature food.  Although I spent a few weeks to finish this mini push cart , I am very happy and satisfied when it is done. Hope you like it too!

Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food items you see here are handmade by kin's miniature workshop

The front view of the mini push cart

I add on a miniature table beside the push cart and forgot to place the chairs!!

Miniature noodles, bee hoon, fresh eggs, vegetables, meat etc are handmade using clay. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Miniature Food Jewellery Making

Wear it proudly! because it is all handmade by yourself. This miniature food jewellery making class started again because it is so popular .You can bring back a bracelet with 3 food on top and a pair of ear studs back after the 2 hours workshop.  You can get the vouchers from Fave . ( please check the availability slot first before purchase)

Everyone is so happy and satisfied with their handmade end products. 

3 basic food for the bracelet or you can top up for other theme of food!

One of the end products done by student. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Workshops @ ACM

I did a few workshops for ACM (Asian Civilization Museum ) during the School March Holiday programme.  I hope all the children enjoyed the workshops that I have specially designed for them.

Workshops @ ACM

fully focus on their art work

draw what they like!?

concentrated on their art pieces

happy journey!

proud of their art work!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Miniature Doll House/Stall

This is my newly handmade miniature Japanese Takoyaki stall. All the miniature food are handmade of clay and the wood is provided by a friend.

This is my handmade miniature Japaneses takoyaki stall 

from my finger you can tell how small it is

side view of the miniature stall 

back view of the takoyaki stall

side view of the mini stall with a wooden pail

miniature takoyaki stall

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Handmade Miniature Food

These are all my handmade miniature food, I do not use mold to make my miniature fake food as I enjoy making them one by one and also this will sharpen my skill and speed. (I need speed as I am using air dry clay. )The first picture shown is all the Chinese New Year's goodies and huat kueh.

My handmade miniature CNY goodies

Miniature cake, oranges, love letters, huat kueh, nonya kueh and dim sum set. 

My handmade miniature dim sum set meal. 

My handmade miniature economic mee hoon 经济米粉 with chicken wing, ham, hot dog , veggie, chili and sunny egg, simple but delicious breakfast.