Friday, June 14, 2019

Miniature Bak ku Teh

One of the Singaporeans' favourite local food: Bak ku teh . Using air dry clay, I handmade it into miniature size , so you can keep it as a souvenir or make it into a fridge magnet .

Miniature Singapore Food: Bak Ku Teh set

My handmade miniature bak ku teh with you tiao, chili black sauce and rice. 

Miniature Bak ku Teh

Friday, May 31, 2019

My Handmade Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food in this mini push cart are handmade using air dry clay. The basket of the mini vegetables is the most difficult part among all the miniature food.  Although I spent a few weeks to finish this mini push cart , I am very happy and satisfied when it is done. Hope you like it too!

Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food items you see here are handmade by kin's miniature workshop

The front view of the mini push cart

I add on a miniature table beside the push cart and forgot to place the chairs!!

Miniature noodles, bee hoon, fresh eggs, vegetables, meat etc are handmade using clay. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Miniature Food Jewellery Making

Wear it proudly! because it is all handmade by yourself. This miniature food jewellery making class started again because it is so popular .You can bring back a bracelet with 3 food on top and a pair of ear studs back after the 2 hours workshop.  You can get the vouchers from Fave . ( please check the availability slot first before purchase)

Everyone is so happy and satisfied with their handmade end products. 

3 basic food for the bracelet or you can top up for other theme of food!

One of the end products done by student. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Workshops @ ACM

I did a few workshops for ACM (Asian Civilization Museum ) during the School March Holiday programme.  I hope all the children enjoyed the workshops that I have specially designed for them.

Workshops @ ACM

fully focus on their art work

draw what they like!?

concentrated on their art pieces

happy journey!

proud of their art work!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Miniature Doll House/Stall

This is my newly handmade miniature Japanese Takoyaki stall. All the miniature food are handmade of clay and the wood is provided by a friend.

This is my handmade miniature Japaneses takoyaki stall 

from my finger you can tell how small it is

side view of the miniature stall 

back view of the takoyaki stall

side view of the mini stall with a wooden pail

miniature takoyaki stall

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Handmade Miniature Food

These are all my handmade miniature food, I do not use mold to make my miniature fake food as I enjoy making them one by one and also this will sharpen my skill and speed. (I need speed as I am using air dry clay. )The first picture shown is all the Chinese New Year's goodies and huat kueh.

My handmade miniature CNY goodies

Miniature cake, oranges, love letters, huat kueh, nonya kueh and dim sum set. 

My handmade miniature dim sum set meal. 

My handmade miniature economic mee hoon 经济米粉 with chicken wing, ham, hot dog , veggie, chili and sunny egg, simple but delicious breakfast. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Miniature Set Meal

The mini metal tray is really small and cute, so when I put all my handmade miniature food on top, they really look like real! Below are my recently handmade miniature set meals: chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, fish ball noddles, kong ba bao, dim sum, nonya kuehs, chicken drumstick, kaya toast set and coffee and tea.

Miniature set meal: chee cheong fun, chwee kueh ,kong ba bao with coffee and tea

Miniature set meal: inside the mini bento box are the char siew, roasted meat etc. with chee cheong fun and bao. 

Miniature set meal: Dim sum siew mian + bao and nonya kuehs, all the kuehs are handmade without using any mould.

Miniature kaya toast set 

These are my handmade miniature set meals. you can customized your set meal , I sell them at 24 pagoda street, near chinatown Mrt exit A
Kinsminiature .com

Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

恭喜!恭喜! 祝大家身体健康,吉祥如意, 福寿安康!

  Wishing all of  You a Happy New Year.
  May All Your Dreams and Wishes Come True, and
  May Prosperity , Wealth and Treasures fill your Home.

These are my handmade miniature fruits: apples, oranges, pineapple, banana etc. 

Hope you like my handmade CNY goodies: love letter, kok chai (mini peanut puff) and pineapple tart

My handmade miniature nonya kuehs and oranges

Learn how to make these nonya kuehs at kinsminiature workshop

Friday, January 18, 2019

Ang Gu Kueh Making @ Peranakan Museum

This fake miniature ang gu kueh making workshop was done in 2018 at The Peranakan Museum. All participants are age 50 and above.  After visiting the Museum, they handmade a pair of ang ku kueh and bring them home for souvenir. 

Happily making their ang ku kueh!

Very satisfied with their handmade fake ang gu kueh. 

Smile! a group picture was taken after the workshop. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019 Handmade Miniature Singapore Local Food

Happy New Year! Welcome 2019! Wishing all of you a happy and fruitful 2019 ahead. 

Below are my recently handmade miniature ( all scale/size) local Singapore food. Hope you like it!

If you are interested in buying or learning , please visit my web:  for  more information. My workshop/showcase is at 24 Pagoda street near Chinatown Mrt Exit A out walk straight about 2 mins , inside a camera shop named Manly/Canon. Open daily 10 am to 6 pm.

My handmade Singapore local delight: mee robus , chicken rice, satay, fishball noodles , chicken biryani , dim sum etc. Material: Air Dry Clay

These fake local food really look real on the table

My handmade miniature dim sum set . 

My handmade miniature tsum tsum and hot pot clay. 

Singapore favourite  meal: fish ball mee/noodlels

My handmade miniature huat kueh, shou tau  (Longevity Bun) - for offering . 

My handmade miniature huat kueh.

Miniature food: abalone and cauliflower and mushroom. 

Miniature Local Nonya Kuehs kuehs