Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Miniature Kitchen with Penang Food

I have shown you my handmade miniature kitchen on my last blog.  The miniature/mini long table in front of  the cabinet  is handcrafted by wood but not made according to the kitchen ratio.  All the miniature food on top are quite popular in Penang but some are quite common here, eg  the nonya kuehs. All miniature food handmade using Clay.

My handmade miniature food and table. 

Miniature Penang Laksa, 五香,fish ball noodles, yong tau fu , chili , etc

My handmade miniature cut 五香and 豆干

My favorite nonya dessert kueh, ondeh ondeh, kueh bingka  and miniature ice kacange. 

Yummy! All miniature food  handmade using clay so you can keep forever!

I made some fake tea and poured inside the glass bottle. 

Top view of my handmade miniature kitchen and food. 

One and only one piece in the world. 

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