Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PA Trainer

Recently I got my PA (People's Association) trainer  license and going to conduct lessons at CC . I got my first road show for PA at the HDB residential area Serangoon North in Sep 2016.  I am so happy to have this chances to get nearer to the public and teach them how to make a nice and delicious  looking miniature fake food.  Please check with your nearby CC for my coming courses if you are interested in learning miniature fake food.

My clay craft corner 

Miniature Fake Food is not only for children

All children love art ! They like to learn new things and make their own creations .

These 2 young ladies love their handmade art pieces so much!

First time conducting a lesson at HDB void deck,   Busy at teaching...:)

It is not an easy job doing a road show if you do not have enough experience and knowledge on making miniature fake food  using clay. Thanks to my past years experience ,  I am glad to have this opportunity to get nearer to the public.  

These are my handmade miniature local food series.

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