Thursday, September 15, 2011

miniature bak Kut teh (pork ribs)

Bak Kut means pork ribs and  Teh means tea. This is a very famous local dish in Singapore, I myself love it very much.This is a dish of pork ribs stewed with Chinese herbs, garlic and spices , and serve with steamed white rice and sliced red chilies in dark soy sauce . 
I finally get to made it into miniature size .

feel like eating.....?? oh not! It just for handmade miniature clay bak kut teh

I have made the miniature bak kut teh in two types of soup, one is lighter and the other is darker (not shown in picture)

My miniature clay food: Bak Kut Teh , is served with steamed white rice , sliced red chillies in dark soy sauce and some people may like to add on some 油条

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