Sunday, April 29, 2012

Custom made Laksa for Mr S R Nathan

Hi I am Kin, I am so happy that  I received a call last week  asking me to custom made some special miniature Laksa as a gift to our President , Mr S R Nathan. These gifts is for him for  gracing Laksamania orgainised by The Singapore Polls on 26th Apr 2012. I have made 3 miniature Laksa for him.

Please visit singapore pools facebook wall , the Laksamania -Lunch with A Heart.This event took place   on 26th Apr 2012.

                              I hope Mr Nathan like the miniature laksa that I have made.

               They pasted my handmade clay food:  miniature 3 laksa inside a photo frame

Above showed my three handmade miniature food: laksa, Singapore Laksa, (the top)  Sarawak Laksa (left) and Kelantan Laksa. (right)  

This is my handmade miniature clay local food: Singapore Laksa.

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