Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jin Jin Miniature Hawker Stall

     This is another version of my handmade miniature hawker stall.

This miniature hawker stall is bigger than the one I did before. The base is  about 15cm x15

           This is a traditional hawker stall in Singapore  in the 1970s.  You can still find this type of hawker
            stall in some  countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

I cut every part of the wood  and joined them together and form this miniature stall . After that I
 start making all the miniature food stuffs, such as noodles, veggie, roast duck, chicken
and roast pork.
 I have made a wooden miniature chair too. There is a cup, a bowl of noodles and miniature chwee kueh
on the shelf table. 

                 In order to make it look a bit dirty and old, I purposely paint the shelf table.

                             This is viewed from the back of the miniature hawker stall.                        
In order to match this  mini stall, I made the mini chop board, the miniature  knife and the mini soup port 
The size of the plastic basket just match the table.


  1. A fan of your workJune 3, 2012 at 4:17 AM

    I love your blog! I have looked at so many of your posts and cannot get enough! I wish I was in Singapore to take a lesson or two from you. But just looking at your pictures will have to do :)

    Thank you for the continual posting!