Thursday, November 1, 2012

Custom made Live size Curry Chicken

Good morning everyone! Today is a new starting of a month.  I have been quite busy for the last 2 weeks but I enjoyed my work .

I have just finished my custom made order : a live size curry chicken.  It is the same design I did before as the client is the same person and he is opening another new store. ( the real curry chicken he sells is really delicious, I love curry since I am a young girl)

This is my live size handmade clay curry chicken with clay potato. 

My Live size curry chicken is made of clay and I do not use any mold for that. I use both hands  shaped out the shape I want and paint on it. 

My handmade food mock up is different from those you see in the Japanese's  restaurants , the materials is different , so the outlook is different too.  Handmade is totally energy flows  out from your both hands, is different from machine (mold)  made

My handmade clay food models may not perfectly (100%) look the same as the real item as I do not use any mold, but to me, it is definitely looks alive compare to the machine made (factory) one.

 Handmade to me,  is  come from a place of  your energy , warmth, attention and love .

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