Saturday, August 17, 2013

To All Dim Sum Lovers

I teach my students how to make dim sum at my 2nd lesson of my basic miniature clay food making course. I teach them to make a simple steamer and some common dim sum like siew mai and paos. If you can buy the ready made  mini dim sum steamer, the food inside will even look real.

These are my handmade miniature dim sum .

These fake dim sum are very small about the size of the new 50 cent coin, it's not for eating! Just for Fun and I will keep it for myself. I really love them.

Feel like eating dim sum? 

I really use quite some time to finish all these miniature clay dim sum, especially the " lotus rice " and "chicken legs".

Pick the one you like , just like you go to the restaurant and choose the one you like most.  

With all these dim sum , I will make a miniature dim sum stall , show you on my next blog. 

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