Friday, September 5, 2014

My Handmade Miniature Moon Cake ( NO Mold using)

Moon cake festival is coming soon, I have prepared some mini/miniature moon cake for all of you, just for looking , cannot be eaten as they are all fake, made of clay. 

These moon cakes made without using mold, usually, I  will try and find  my own method to craft my miniature food without using mold.   After making the moon cake than do some painting on the surface , this step is very important too. 

You will be very curious how I make these moon cake without use a mold?  Come for a lesson (  and you will know it!

Miniature Moon Cake

My handmade miniature moon cake

These moon cake are very very mini

smaller than a five cent coin, I like to make mini sizes of moon cake.

 to me, making these miniature moon cake is really fun!

cut the mini moon cake into half , you will see the " Moon" hide inside.

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