Monday, March 9, 2015

Handmade miniature doll house: cake shop

Below is my handmade miniature doll house: cake shop,this is a very simple doll house and every part of the miniature shop is DIY/ handmade. Yes, I made the cupboard and drawers, the show case, tables , sign board , boxes and of course, all the mini slice cakes.
After you have learned how to make mini slice cakes, you can start to make a simple miniature cake shop yourself.


the front view of my handmade miniature doll house: cake shop

the side view of the miniature shop: a mini show case that you can display your handmade cakes

I handmade the miniature cupboard with a drawer with it. 

all may handmade miniature slice cake on my handmade mini table

this is the size of my miniature doll house; cake shop , about 16 cm x  14 cm

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