Monday, May 25, 2015

Advance Level: Miniature Push Cart

Xyi learned how to make miniature food from me  from basic to advance level.  This is what she had done last week during her miniature art lesson, with the help from me she completed this miniature push cart noodles stall step by step and finally done a very nice work.

She learned how to make miniature food from basic to advance level. Now she can do it all by herself. Xyi and her handmade push cart stall 

Start from here....

Make all the miniature food that needed for the stall ...

Step by step..... The front side of the miniature push cart 

The other side of the push cart....

It is so fun to make everything by yourself, as most of the miniature food I have taught her before, so she is quite fast at this stage.

you can use a ready made chopping board or just handmade  one to suit your stall..

she brought some ceramic  spoon to add to her push cart....

final arrangement 

the top view of the mini push cart stall 

Miniature push cart stall. 

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