Friday, August 7, 2015

Mini/Live Size dao sa piah 豆沙饼

Do you like  dao sa piah 豆沙饼?  Recently due to request I handmade these dao sa piah but not real one , is in miniature and live size fake  dao sa piah 豆沙饼. For the half cut live size dao sa piah  豆沙饼, you can see some red paste inside as I used red beans for the filling,

My handmade miniature  fake dao sa piah 豆沙饼 in different sizes

On top of the dao sa piah 豆沙饼 is Chinese character  xiang 香 meaning fragrant 

The 2 live size dao sa piah 豆沙饼 are custom made for  mediaCorp for  food filming.

See, the big and mini dao sa piah 豆沙饼

The miniature dao sa piah 豆沙饼 look very cute in a bamboo tray. 

dao sa piah 豆沙饼

My handmade miniature fake food: dao sa piah 豆沙饼

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