Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miniature Garden at Niche.

This miniature dinner set at a garden was a custom made order to place at a niche. I named this Miniature mini Garden at the Niche.  All the items are really very small as there is a limited space to put. The whole miniature house set include 2 sofa , 2 chairs ,a wall TV, a mini garden with flowers and a steamboat set meal.

My handmade miniature garden and steamboat meal set with chairs and sofa. 

I also made the miniature hang wall TV and a miniature basket of fruits. 

Miniature steamboat meal set with lots of food variety ! A plate of miniature nonya kueh for dessert and a miniature huat kueh 

I handcrafted the miniature round table and the 2 chairs, behind the round table is my handmade miniature sofa with cushions, (below photo)

The is from the top view of the miniature garden. 

I need to handmade these miniature fake flowers as the garden is not big, everything must in small size. 

Give me your ideas I will try my best to make it for you. My handmade miniature mini garden, miniature round table steamboat meal set , miniature sofa and chairs, and a miniature basket of fruits. 

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