Saturday, March 4, 2017

Miniature Singapore Local Kuehs

Have you eaten all the kuehs in Singapore? I haven't  but I have handmade most of the kuehs in miniature size using Clay.  Miniature ang ku kueh, peng (rice) kueh, huat kueh, tutu kueh, min chiang kueh , soon kueh , chwee kueh....custom made available.

My handmade miniature tutu kuehs 

My handmade miniature peng kueh, ang ku kueh and white kueh 

My handmde miniatue clay mian chiang kueh with peanuts and coconut filling 


My handmade miniature chwee ckueh 

                                                      my handmade miniatuere soon kueh

My handmade miniature huat kueh 

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