Thursday, March 23, 2017

Miniature Local Dessert: Ice Kachang (1)

I love ice kachang since I was young and I really enjoy it when the weather is hot.  How do keep the ice kachang forever? and finally I got my first forever ice kachang in 2010 made if clay.

( I self -taught miniature food making in 2005 and tried all sort of methods to make the ice kachang looks real using simple materials ) . Below are my handmade miniature clay food: ice kachang.  Enjoy!
All the miniature food shown below already sold out. I take custom made orders , please make your order earlier as I need drying time.

                          My handmade miniature fake food: Ice kachang & tau suan ,using materials: clay

Ice kachang and tau suan

The size of this is about a 50 cent coin 

                  I put the ingredients at the side of the ice mountain so that it can been seen clearly.
                     (PS: for a real ice kachang , the ingredients are hide inside the mountain.

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