Monday, April 24, 2017

Miniature Old Styled Coffee Shop

This miniature old styled kopi/coffee shop was done recently, handmade one by one except the glass and plastic basket.  Making  a doll house is a very satisfying project that you can keep for years.  I usually don't sell my  first piece of my handmade doll house, I only custom made them if requested.

To create a miniature doll house like this really need a lot of time and patience , everything must handmade one by one in the same size same shape and organised them nicely.  Miniature doll house making course is only for advance students.

My handmade miniature doll house: old styled Coffee Shop 

Handmade all the food one by one, the can milk too. 

Paste some old fashion posters to make the shop look better.  

Handmade all the breads, cakes and snack and wrapped them up. 

 Below shown some of the process of the  the doll house .

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