Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mini Table with Dishes

Happy Mothers Day!
If you wish to host  a dinner party for family or friends and you cannot cook well,  you can try this: hosting a party using your handmade miniature food , this is just for Fun!  These food cannot be eaten , they are made of Clay. Below shown my handmade miniature morning breakfast dishes.

My handmade miniature fake food: morning breakfast series: half boiled egg, toasted bread,  roti prata, bao, dim sum , mee , coffee and a plate of sushi 

You can buy this table set if you don't have time to make one for yourself. 

The price of the table and chair depends on the material too. 

The toothpick there is to show you how small the food items are!

From my finger, you can tell the size of the mini dim sum! 

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