Monday, June 12, 2017

Miniature Set Meal

Recently, I handmade a miniature table , then I handcrafted some Singapore miniature set meal, this include: nasi lemak, bake ku teh, ayam penyet , chicken rice, chicken briyaniy, Janpanese bento and KFC set meal. These are all my favourite set meal. All the set meal included rice except the kfc set meal.  

my miniature set meal: 
 nasi lemak, bak ku teh, ayam penyet, chicken, rice, chicken briyani, and kfc meal set. 

On the right hand corner of the table is the miniature chicken briyani, I used yellow 
colour clay to make the rice because the rice is cooked with the yellow ginger powder so the real rice is yellow and with some onion , cucumber and a chicken drumstick. 

This mini table is with a Japanese bento Set on it. 

From this photo , you can clearly see all my handmade set meal,

This is my handmade miniature table with all the meals.

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