Monday, March 26, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Chicken Cutlet Rice

This is another plate of my handmade food model in live / real size : Chicken Cutlet Rice

The most difficult part is to make the rice,  every single piece of rice is made from my hands and join them together. 

I am not a professional food model maker,  I do not own a big kitchen for baking /heating so I do not make mould for my food, every piece of food is knead and shape from my hands. So I cannot repeat the same item twice.

   My handmade food model:   Chicken Cutlet Rice with curry and vegetables

           The fake curry is quite difficult too, to get the fake oil floats on top of the curry I have tried so many times .


               This piece of art work seem quite simple but take up a lot of time to finish , I really love this fake chicken cutlet rice, hope you like it too!

PS: If you like to see the real things please visit the NEX shopping mall level four food mall.

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