Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miniature Hotpot/ mini steamboat (1)

Last week, my student Connie and I have together made this miniature hot pot/ mini steamboat. She is my advance level student. She suggested to make a table of miniature steamboat during her lesson. As I do not have a sample to show her , so during the lesson while teaching her how to make the food , I have made a table of mini food for my miniature hot pot meal  too.
We used 2 lessons to complete all these miniature steamboat meal.

          This is my handmade miniature hot pot meal and a mini clay pot with pork and abalone tonic soup

The mini metal steamboat was bought from Thailand. It is really small and cute, all the food must
 made super mini in order to fill in.  You can make as many clay food as you like.

                  Make a mini table for the hot pot meal too .  The fake egg yolk  looks delicious too!

               The bigger wooden table was done by Connie, she needs to add some more plates of mini  
               food as her mini table is bigger than mine.

                          She did very well all the mini clay food looks real and nice.

            From this view, you can see the miniature table with legs. (I didn't make the legs for my table)
            You can see I didn't fill up my mini plates with food as I do not have much time to do all.

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