Saturday, July 27, 2013


过大礼 in English is known as Betrothal , ( A mutual promise to marry; an engagement: ) .  I have made a basket filled with betrothal gifts, such as : Wedding cakes, different types of sweet items (candy), 2 pairs of wooden slipper ,some red dates, peanuts, lotus, longan, oranges, 3 big joss sticks,  Dragon & Phoenix candles.

The gifts  to be exchange in Chinese customary wedding depend on the dialect group. What I made are those you often see during 过大礼. You can change the gift items to banana, coconut, sewing kits etc... depends on which type of dialect you belong to.

Happy Wedding!!

Happy Wedding!

Gift items you usually see in a basket during 过大礼 

This miniature 过大礼 gift items look very cute in this mini size.

Things to buy for bride/groom are various depends on  which type of dialect group you belong to. 

I only custom made these items ( 过大礼) )upon request and at least 3 to 4 weeks time in advance before the collection day. 

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