Monday, July 2, 2012

Clay Food Replicate : 小笼包 (Dumplings)

I have made these real size clay food models:  dumplings (小笼包 ) last week for a custom order. As the pictures she showed it to me is quite different from the type I used to eat. The finishing part is a bit difficult as I need to fold the the bun carefully and neatly or not I need to redo the bun all over again.

I am very satisfied with these小笼包 . I love it!

        My handmade clay 小笼包 (dumpling) in real/live size.  I do not know how to make a real bun but I
        think I can help them to fold the bun/bao.  :D  Inside the small hole is the fake soup .

The streamer is really big, but I only requested to make 3 fake dumplings models.  It will look very
nice with many baos or dumplings inside of the container.

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