Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini kueh tutu

I am quite busy these few days , I try to make new things but my new orders keep coming in :). Below is one of the custom made items.

Without using any tutu mold I have made these miniature mini clay kueh tutu. I have make the real size 2 years ago and stop for making tutu till now. AS requested to make them small I used my own method to create these mini kueh tutu,

For the mini clay icing biscuits is my first try, the out come is not too bad and because these are very small (about 1 cm) the icing is a bit difficult to get. (will post on my next blog)

Hope you like these mini kueh tutu.

As you can see, they look similar abut if you look closely, they are different. because
I do not use mold but my own method to make them.

                                  I like this one , the best among all mini kueh tutu.

                 Did you find any different? I have changed the base, the mini leaf, They look different again
               after changing.

                      The big /real size clay kueh tutu (using a real mold) was make 2 years ago and beside it is   a mini clay kueh tutu smaller than a five cent coin.

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