Monday, September 10, 2012

Miniature mini Moon Cake

The Moon cake festival is coming soon. I have made some new clay mini moon cakes. Without using any moon cake mold, I used my own method created these mini clay moon cakes,so they are not perfectly same size ( I try my best to make them same size) . Hope you like it. I myself love them very much, I have made different shapes, some round, some oval and I try the square moon cake too.

Learn how to make these mini clay moon cake in Advance level.

Here come my handmade mini clay moon cakes, for display only!

       The colorful one on the left is the 冰皮月饼 ,the top part is not clear enought.  You see, they are not the same at all because No mold is using, I made them one by one.

I like this square mini clay moon cake, the only one I have made.

These mini clay moon cakes are much much smaller than the one I have made last year. (sorry the pictures was not shown on the blog as I haven't replaced it yet)

The most important thing is to colour/high lighting the moon cake. I have not put on the varnish yet and 
they do not look delicious at all. I have also make a box for them but I can't remember where I put it. 

See, how small these miniature clay moon cake are!

I put an fake yolk inside my handmade mini clay 冰皮月饼.

PS: for those who are searching my last year moon cake photos, I am sorry I still cannot find which file I have keep . so sorry, will replace as soon as I found it.

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