Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miniature Cake Shop (1)

This is another miniature dollhouse I did recently. I used the half ready made shop house, construction kit  ( the wood already been cut , you just assemble them together) to build.  I only used the basic wood they provided and I made the rest using my clay.

Front view of my miniature Cake Shop

This kit provide many items , you need to be patient , one by one join them together.

A very nice miniature signboard.

From the shop window, you can see the miniature handmade cake show case. Every thing you see in the photo is provided by the construction kit except some decoration items and also  those miniature cakes in the show case. They are handmade by me . These miniature cakes are really 1:12 size . 

This is a very lovely miniature cake shop dollhouse, it can be open up and I will show you the interior on my next blog. 

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