Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miniature Cake Shop (2)

Do you like the  miniature Cake Shop ?  Let's go in the shop and take a look.

The front view of the Dollhouse: Cake Shop

The door is a bit difficult to join, I spent about 15- 20 mins to join the main body and the door. Most of the interior design has not done yet.

Open up the door, you can put your handmade miniature items inside and play with. 

Decorate the wall with your own design if you like. After putting all the mini parts into the shop, it looks really good!

A miniature cake show case with delicious miniature cake inside . The miniature cake show case is quite easy to make and the miniature cake inside remember to make in 1:12 scale

I also made some miniature food for the mini table .

I made the miniature plant and basket and a mini pumpkin to decorate the corner of the cake shop.

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