Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Doll (1)

These mini dolls are made of clay. Just a little coloured clay you can made you favourite design and it is very easy for all beginners. I will start this mini doll making lesson in August 2013. Dates will be posted  in my blog. You will learn how to make 2 types of mini doll during lesson, the other one will show on my next  blog.

Those who are interested can email me for details. Thank you!

My handmade mini doll using clay.

The mini doll is very small but you can adjust the height after you know how to make them.

This is the back of the mini doll with curly hair!

My happy mini doll,  Miss Daisy...

I am not a hairdresser but I can create any hair style I want on my mini doll.

Make cute little tiny accessories for your mini doll. 

I love making miniature figurines no matter it is food or doll. 

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