Saturday, December 20, 2014

Custom made figurines for Home TeamNS on MRT train (Part 1)

I have been very busy making these cute little figurines/dolls for Home TeamNS since September, that is the reason why I have to stopped all my classes. I need to finish 5000 pcs order by December 2014. I finally finished the first order, the mini figurines (altogether 9 types) are giving away to public. If you travel North East line or East West line on every Sat  & Sun . (starts from 20th Dec) , look for it, it is free and  collect all of them ( 9 dolls, )  A good collection.

Ready to go!

My handmade fire man

Second step: body

First step, get all the heads ready. 

                      Final project:     My handmade  mini dolls/figurines for Home Team NS 

Altogether there are 9 different types of dolls. 

The 2 heroes:  Police & Civil defence 

collect 9 of them and place them inside a nice transparent box. 

the 9 mini dolls are: Police, civil defence, grandpa, grandma, strongman, father (R) Mother (E), son (A) and daughter (L) 

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