Saturday, July 11, 2015

Miniature Bakkwa Brooches

These cute little miniature Bak kwa was made recently due to request . I made them into brooches due to the request of  Singapore MediaCorp' stylist , yaowen. You will see these mini bak kwa brooches in one of the MediaCorp food programme  in August 2015.

                                                  My handmade miniature local snack : bak kwa

Yaowen and I had discussed  how to make these miniature bak kwa into brooches. 
This was Yaowen's idea, put them on a real wire plate. 

Preparing my mini bak kwa

It was not easy to put these 2 heavy bak kwa on top of a mini wire plate. 

My final product: miniature bak kwa brooches

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