Friday, January 25, 2013

Minaiture Laksa (2)

Laksa , one of our National dish in Singapore, almost all Singaporean love Laksa. But where to find a good laksa in Singapore? I do not known , I make my own laksa, but cannot be eaten! My Miniature clay Laksa.

The above miniature clay laksa are specially made for our 6th President , Mr S R Nathan last year .

If you ever seen my handmade miniature Laksa before, you will notice that  I always change my ingredients inside. The above laksa having more "soup" than the one I made for Mr Nathan


This is big prawn laksa (about 5 cm size)

This is Singapore laksa with prawn

This is Penang Laksa

This laksa is a bit different from Singapore laksa

This is typical Singapore Laksa

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