Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome, The year of The Snake (1)


This year, I celebrate my Chinese New Year with this cute little 公仔 (doll). I have made many different types of clay 公仔 and snakes . They have different expressions on their faces, and they are one and only one in the world. 

I made these clay doll on a stick. It is quite difficult to make a doll on a stick. Well, you can also poke the stick into the finished figurines if you want too. What you see below are make onto the stick directly. I used air dry clay not flour to make these 公仔

Welcome year of Snake! All my handmade clay figurines! 

I like to make clay girl wawa as I can  create their hair style.

I make the snake in a different way as snake to some one is a dangerous reptile. I want them to look cute!

I like these 2 cute little clay girl 公仔. 

Show you more of my clay little 公仔 on my next blog.

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