Tuesday, February 4, 2014

过大礼 (2)

Do you still remember my handmade  miniature 过大礼?  I already sold it out last year, so I decided to remade another one again. This time I made a little changes , hope you like it! I have two versions for this miniature  过大礼 .

Version 1: I put a very big double happiness next to the miniature wedding couple

Version 2: Just the  过大礼 items and the miniature traditional wedding couple

 Things that I made for my miniature 过大礼 items: a basket of oranges, traditional cakes, candles, wooden slippers and a plate of good luck food that eat during  过大礼

Some of the things that needed for  过大礼

Happy Miniature Couple and their  过大礼 items

Happy living forever .....my miniature wawa (bride and groom).   Live happily ever after.................

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