Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miniature Hawker Stall 111 美食小吃 (part 1)

Making miniature doll house is really a very big challenging especially when you want to make it smaller in size . Below showed my recently handmade miniature wooden hawker stall , selling delicious food , that is why I named my mini stall as 111 美食小吃( mei si )I love it so much!

My miniature hawker stall   美食小吃 

Instead of hanging my mini duck and chicken in front of the mini stall ,  I hang it at the side of the stall

From both my hand and finger (below) you can see the size of my handmade miniature hawker stall and how mini all the clay food are

My finger pointed at a mini plate of food..

From the top view

More photos of my 美食小吃 hawker stall  on my coming  blog

The above miniature wooden hawker stall is my third version of design and the previous one are  below: 


First and second version of my handmade hawker stall. 

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