Friday, February 28, 2014

Half cut mini tutu kueh

Do you like kueh Tutu? I love it so much since I was a small girl , nowadays  it is difficult to find nice and delicious kueh tutu in Singapore . These are my handmade clay kueh tutu and due to request, I cut the mini clay tutu into half , so you can see the filling inside, peanut or coconut? I love both!

My newly handmade kueh clay tutu with peanut and coconut filling inside

I made different sizes of clay tutu and cut them into half. 

This half cut kueh tutu is filled with full of fake peanut. 

Lying peacefully really for sale... thank you ! I do not use any mold to make them , that's way I can make different sizes for you. 

Displaying is very important as a good presentation of your art piece bring more attraction of people

As miniature art pieces are so small and mini it seldom attract a lot of attention unless you make more , I mean a lot and put them together in order to catch attention!

Mini fake food: kueh tutu

Miniature kueh ttutu

The five cent coin is to show you, how small my handmade clay kueh tutu are. 

Below showed the LIVE size of my handmade kueh tutu .

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