Monday, April 14, 2014

Custom-Made Miniature Food

Here are some of my  different sizes miniature custom made food.   Beside miniature food, I also do all sort of clay figurines, you may go to the link below and take a look.I can make the size you want as long as you give me enough time to process.
 Thank you so much!

For other  photos on my custom-made order, you can visit this

For custom made order or  miniature lesson: please email me at ;   or
for last minute order or lesson , please sms at 97593855.

Thank you !

These are about diameter 5 cm - 7 cm big size ice-kachang , 

size from a 20 cent coin (the plain rice)  to diameter 5 cm miniature food

these two local dessert is about diameter 5 cm miniature food: tau suan and pulot hitam

these are 50 coin size miniature clay food: tang yuan, hokkien mee, curry chicken mee and pig trotter 

Miniature local delight: hokkien mee 

My handmade tang yuan with peanut filling inside

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