Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Miniature Scale 1:12

The size of a miniature , relative to what it is a replica of , is known as the scale of the figure.

I make different sizes (different scale) of miniature food.

When making miniature items for a doll house, a scale of 1:12 is usually used.      Do I usually use 1: 12 scale for my handmade miniature food? the answer is NO.  I make different sizes for my miniature food & figurines.  

The miniature food on the right has a smaller scale  than the one on the left.

This is my handmade live size (1:1 scale) clay food model

This is about live size scale

This is 1:12 scale

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:12 scale is a traditional scale (ratio) for models and miniatures, in which 12 units (such as inches or centimeters) on the original is represented by one unit on the model. Depending on application, the scale is also called one-inch scale (since 1 inch equals 1 foot), or six-inch scale (since 6 inches equals 6 feet).
The scale is popular for dollhouses, especially those aimed at adult collectors. It is also used for model live steamrailroads, and rather rarely, for high-end die-cast model and radio-controlled cars.

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