Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015- Miniature Figurines on MRT

Welcome 2015, SG50  and Happy New Year !

Have you read this article on Straits Times (theSundaytimes) dated on 21st Dec 2014? although this news belong to last year (2014) but the campaign will continue till March 2015. To me, this is  really a big news as my name was mentioned in the newspaper because I made the miniature figurines of policemen and firefighters and others.

All these miniature figurines are very unique and they look similar but not the same,  handmade 20000 pieces in a short time is really ,really  not easy. I hope you like them!

I like to thanks all of my friends that helping  me in this big project. Thank you very much.

The Straits Time dated 21st Dec 2014 page 4

My handmade miniature figurines of policemen and firefighters and other 7 types of figurines. 

Get these free miniature figurines on the train.

Pick up these 9 types of  miniature figurines on MRT train, they are free till March 2015.

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