Friday, February 24, 2012

Miniature Ice Kachang

Singapore 's desserts are so colorful and Delicious. for example Ice Kachang. It is so good to have one in a hot day.

This is my handmade clay food: Miniature Ice Kachang. Hope you like it.

                                              Miniature clay food : Ice Kachang.

                  At the bottom of the transparent bowl, you can see I have put in some liquid milk and strawberries. Of course this cannot be eaten although it looks so............delicious!


                  On top of this miniature clay ice kachang , I put some corns with milk on top .

              From my hand, you can see that the size of this miniature ice kachang is slightly bigger than the one I used to make. The size of this ice kachang is about 4 cm in height.

                To make it looks more real and nice, I added my handmade metal spoon too.

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