Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miniature cartoon figurine

I have been quite busy in guiding for the past 2 weeks as I am a freelance tourist guide. Summer voccation is peak period for all torist guides. And thanks to all my students , all my miniature lessons have been  postponed till I am not so busy.

For a very long time I have never made cartoon character because I don't want to mak e licensed items. but  a few days ago I had squeezed out a little to  made this. Can you recognize him? He is not for sale.

I used to use paper clay to make  all my doll figurines as it is easy to knead and form the shape you want  but 2 years ago I started  to use Japanese clay . The only different is that the texture or the feel of the dolls look different. Both look good but  I prefer Japanese clay figurines as the texture look more like rubber and is smoothish than paper clay.

 In my wawa series , all my wawas are made with Japanese clay as they look perfect in these type of clay. Hope you like it .

If you like dolls, I have special course in only miniature Dolls making.

Do you know him? 

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