Friday, May 31, 2019

My Handmade Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food in this mini push cart are handmade using air dry clay. The basket of the mini vegetables is the most difficult part among all the miniature food.  Although I spent a few weeks to finish this mini push cart , I am very happy and satisfied when it is done. Hope you like it too!

Miniature Food Push Cart

All the food items you see here are handmade by kin's miniature workshop

The front view of the mini push cart

I add on a miniature table beside the push cart and forgot to place the chairs!!

Miniature noodles, bee hoon, fresh eggs, vegetables, meat etc are handmade using clay. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Miniature Food Jewellery Making

Wear it proudly! because it is all handmade by yourself. This miniature food jewellery making class started again because it is so popular .You can bring back a bracelet with 3 food on top and a pair of ear studs back after the 2 hours workshop.  You can get the vouchers from Fave . ( please check the availability slot first before purchase)

Everyone is so happy and satisfied with their handmade end products. 

3 basic food for the bracelet or you can top up for other theme of food!

One of the end products done by student.