Sunday, September 28, 2014

Miniature Bicycles

These are my recently handmade clay miniature bicycle. I took quite a long time to make the first one and repeated many times and finally got the one I like. I have made with and without wire on the wheel, which one do you prefer ?

My handmade miniature clay bicycles. 

Different sizes of my handmade miniature bicycle.  I prefer black coulour as they look nicer to me. 

Miniature bicycle: with and without wire at the wheel... 

I like cycling but lazy to do so , but making these mini bicycles is really fun

See how small they are! all made of Clay. 

I also made a mini yellow car ( about 5 cm) as requested , 

My handmade miniature bicycles & car

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Precious Moment :沉默是金

I have a very special miniature clay food lesson with this couple as I can only communicate with each other by our body language, but I really enjoyed teaching them and have a great fun with them . Thank you!

Her husband requested a special dish as he loves this food, miniature Japanese curry pork chop rice . 

Miniature Japanese curry pork chop rice with soup, the smaller one is my sample done during lesson.

this miniature curry pork chop rice meal set was done by my student . 

The master piece: Miniature dim sum bao & Japanese curry rice set

Happy couple and their satisfied miniature clay food 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Miniature chicken feet soup and soy sauce chicken wings

This mini chicken feet soup is special order from a custom made order.  The fake mini chicken fee is so small that it breaks very easily , must be very careful or not, I need to repeat making them all the time. The colour of the miniature soy sauce chicken is depend  on individual, some people like darker colour some don't.

My handmade miniature chicken feet soup & soy sauce chicken wing.

 chicken feet soup and soy sauce chicken wings

if you like these 2 dishes, please let me know and i will do it again , as this is one and only one piece.

 a plate of mini fake soy sauce chicken wings

the chicken feet need to be this tiny in order to place inside the bowl

my handmade miniature chicken feet soup 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Miniature Longan 龙眼

I decided to make these miniature longan as so many people asking for it. Hope you like it!

My handmade miniature clay longan 

do you like to eat longag? If yes, must keep  one plate of miniature longan  for collection!

Miniature fruit: Longan 

the size of a mini longan is less than 0.5 cm 

My handmade mini longan 龙眼 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miniature Heinz Ketchup

This super mini miniature Heinz ketchup bottle was done by request. I found it is so lovely and cute and decided to make another for myself.

Super mini miniature Heinz ketchup

This mini ketchup bottle is about 2 cm and I used clay to make it. 

cute little mini ketchup for dollhouse 

My handmade miniature Heinz ketchup 

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Handmade Miniature Moon Cake ( NO Mold using)

Moon cake festival is coming soon, I have prepared some mini/miniature moon cake for all of you, just for looking , cannot be eaten as they are all fake, made of clay. 

These moon cakes made without using mold, usually, I  will try and find  my own method to craft my miniature food without using mold.   After making the moon cake than do some painting on the surface , this step is very important too. 

You will be very curious how I make these moon cake without use a mold?  Come for a lesson (  and you will know it!

Miniature Moon Cake

My handmade miniature moon cake

These moon cake are very very mini

smaller than a five cent coin, I like to make mini sizes of moon cake.

 to me, making these miniature moon cake is really fun!

cut the mini moon cake into half , you will see the " Moon" hide inside.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary

One single lesson for Birthday and anniversary treat/activity for couples.

 He called me asking me whether he and his wife  can  have a lesson making their  ideal wedding birds  on their anniversary day .  To me , this is a very challenging job as I do not see or have any ideas of the wedding  birds at all and I need to teach them on the spot finish within 2 hrs and they are first time making miniature art.  I agreed and take the challenge.   It was very successfully done!

 I am very happy to see these 2 cute miniature wedding birds so beautifully made by them. Thank you for having fun with me.

Happy wedding birds

This was their first time making clay figurines 

Miniature wedding bird

Happy 1st Anniversary!