Monday, March 30, 2015

Those were the friends!

Those were the friends! and  yes, back to school again... Below showed the miniature dolls wearing my former school uniform were recently done by my friends (same school).  We laughed and shouted at each other when we recalled the moments that we had  in school . We really have a great and happy hours during the lesson,

 There are 5 of us, as we know each other so well, so they don't mind squeezed in my little workshop to have a private lesson with me.!

some of the mini dolls are taller than the others, so we classify them into primary 1, 3 and 6 students

every doll is holding a mini food while the "biggest"  girl is carrying her bag

we are St nic girls!

If you also want to make your self image with your former school uniform doll , please contact me. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Miniature Hokkien mee vs 经济米粉

Most of my clients prefer  their miniature hokkien mee to be placed on a brown paper than on  a plate. Indeed there is a great different , may be hokkien mee looks more delicious on the paper. This happen to my miniature 经济米粉 too.

My handmade miniature hokkien mee and fried beehoon 经济米粉

经济米粉 is one of my first favourite morning breakfast, I think most of the singaporeans love 经济米粉 very much, because the Q at the stall is always very long  on Sat & Sunday

My handmade miniature hokkien mee/noodles on a brown paper

My handmade miniature 经济米粉 beehoon 

Singapore local food: Hokkien mee and 经济米粉 fried beehoon. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Singapore Local Desserts: Miniature Green Bean Soup 绿豆汤 vs 汤圆tangyuan

Singapore desserts are very colorful , they are hot or cold, sticky or clear... , and you can always find 绿豆汤 (Green) Bean soup at the dessert stall in a hawker centre or food court. I made this miniature 绿豆汤 green bean soup for someone who loves it so much. Remember to drink a bowl of  绿豆汤 if you are too heaty .

My handmade miniature singapore local hot and cold desserts : miniature 绿豆汤, miniature tangyuan and miniature bubur cha cha

My handmade miniature tangyun 汤圆

My handmade miniature  绿豆汤 green bean soup 

My handmade singapore local dessert: miniature bubur cha cha

This miniature tangyuan is the size of a 20 cent coin. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cute Little Dolls

They came to me and learned how to make miniature/mini dolls from me. I always have a great time and fun  with these couples.   99% of them are beginners, first time making mini doll , I need to pay extra attention on them, but I usually very happy to see these miniature wawa/dolls are so beautifully done and they are satisfied with their art pieces as the wawa look so cute after a few hours hard work!

I custom made the stitch (pre made) as her boy friend requested to give her a surprise.

  JL added a cap for her doll as her boy friend is wearing a hat on that day. 

He was so nervous when I ask him  to make his girl friend"s image,  after trying a few times , he finally made a very nice image for her.  Well done!


Hope all of them  have  a great and sweet memories  in their hearts after their lesson. Thank you!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Handmade miniature doll house: cake shop

Below is my handmade miniature doll house: cake shop,this is a very simple doll house and every part of the miniature shop is DIY/ handmade. Yes, I made the cupboard and drawers, the show case, tables , sign board , boxes and of course, all the mini slice cakes.
After you have learned how to make mini slice cakes, you can start to make a simple miniature cake shop yourself.


the front view of my handmade miniature doll house: cake shop

the side view of the miniature shop: a mini show case that you can display your handmade cakes

I handmade the miniature cupboard with a drawer with it. 

all may handmade miniature slice cake on my handmade mini table

this is the size of my miniature doll house; cake shop , about 16 cm x  14 cm

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Miniature Wedding Couples

They going to marry next month and wish to make a miniature wedding figurines and display on  their wedding day . This was the first time they used clay to make figurines and they really enjoyed the lesson.
 Congratulations, and warm wishes to both of you on your wedding day.

Handmade by Gab  and Jes , happy wedding couples figurines 

After making the wedding couples, Jes decorate them beautifully inside a box. 

Gab did quite well as this is not easy for a guy that first time using clay to make figurines.

beautiful bride .... is waiting for her groom  

final stage of the lesson, 

Gab and Jes,  congratulation!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Miniature Ice Kachang

Miniature ice kachang is one of the most popular miniature food that my customers like to buy .   Below showed my newly handmade ice kachang.

My newly  handmade miniature fake ice kachang.  

I have added more colours on the miniature ice kachang so that they look more yummy...

at the side of the plate, I listed all the ingredients that hide inside of a ice kachang , eg the read beans, corn, green jelly etc.

I make different sizes of ice kachang, this one is about a 20 cent coin base.