Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Miniature Slice Cakes

Learn how to make miniature /DIY mini slice cakes and put them into your miniature DIY dream houses or shop. You will learn a few methods of making miniature slice cake in just 1 lesson.

My handmade miniature slice cakes, one and only one in the world .... no cake is the same as they are all shaped out one by one not from the mold.

the fun of making miniature slice cakes is that , you can have your own designs and make your own toppings for them!

I handmade a mini paper gift box for all my miniature slice cakes!

You can also display them in a  mini show case and put them in your miniature DIY dream cake shop or dream house.

See, how small /mini these miniature slice cakes.

   for more information on  1 lesson only  , please visit the following web page:                  http://www.kinsminiatureworkshop.com/185134063

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Miniature Sashimi and Sushi

Miniature sushi making is one of the popular item among my miniature course lesson. I am going to add the miniature sashimi into my miniature 1 lesson only course.  Hope you like it!

My handmade miniature Japanese sashimi and sushi 

Miniature salmon sashimi 

Miniature Japanese sushi and sashimi

can you tell how small these miniature fake sashimi and sushi are?!

did you see the different between the top photo and the one below??

Yes, I draw the white line on top of my handmade miniature Japanese sashimi while the other photos does not have any lines on the salmon sashimi. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Miniature Reunion Dinner for 2015

The most VVVIP Meal in a year is coming soon, see what I have prepared for my miniature family. A very special and deluxe miniature meal for all! Happy Chinese New Year!  恭喜!恭喜!

                                   祝大家 : 身体健康, 吉祥如意, 新年快乐!

Miniature reunion meal/lunch/ dinner

Miniature deluxe meal : miniature yusheng, abolane and fish , herbal chicken ,chilli crab, baozi , mushrooms and broccolli  (鱼生) 鲍鱼,鱼, 富贵鸡,西蓝花,香菇

My handmade miniature reunion meal ,I also  handmade some wine bottle and beers to go with my miniature food, the size of my miniature food for this is from 2.5 cm to 5 cm plate. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

My 10th Anniversary of Miniature Art - miniature food series (2)

I would like to share with you my handmade miniature clay food that I have made for the past 10 years..  Beside making super mini size of fake food, I also make live/ real size of fake food, to me, making a live size fake food is a very challenging job . I do not use mold at all, all is shaped out from my both hands and it takes longer time and concentration when making them.

There are more and more photos but I cannot show you all here, hope you like my miniature clay food  and thank you for supporting me these years. Thank you very much. 

My handmade Singapore food in live size  (fake food model)

My handmade local Singapore food: chicken rice 

My handmade local Singapore food in live /real size 

My handmade  Singapore food: miniature clay food,  yong tau foo 

 Singapore food:  miniature mee siam 

local Singapore food:  my handmade miniature fake Laksa

My handmade local Singapore  kueh tutu  

My handmade local Singapore desserts : Ice kachang  and others 


                                                My handmade local Singapore snacks and desserts

 local Singapore food: miniature fake satay

My handmade local Singapore fake food: nasi lemak 

                                           My handmade  miniature clay food

My handmade live size fake food:  Japanese bento box 

Miniature waffle 

Miniature cake

My handmade mini and live size burgers 

My handmade miniature pastries: breads 

Monday, February 2, 2015

My 10th Anniversary of Miniature Art - miniature food series (1)

Miniature clay food art is getting popular nowadays. You can learn from a miniature teacher or just go online and learn on your own. For me, started as a hobby, I was 42 and self taught myself , ( during that time , there were no teachers teaching and internet was not so popular yet, so  I never learned online or through books, I always try out my own methods and see how it works , and get improvement from there) . Since 2005 till now is almost ten years, a long time! I am going to celebrate my 10th anniversary of Miniature art this year , I will keep on making miniature clay food or figurines  as I love this hobby so much.

I have made so many fake food and below showed some of my handmade miniature food that I made in these ten years! I made a lot of local food during the last 5 years, and the first local singapore fake food I tried to made was dry mee pok. and I succeeded ! This gave me a lot of confidence to continue making other local singapore food.....because I love singapore food!

My handmade miniature local singapore food. 

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food 

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food 

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food 

My first local fake food: Mee Pok dry

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food : my favorite minced meat mee pok dry (mini) 

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food : mini bak ku teh set with fish  and abalone 

My handmade miniature dim sum 

My favourite food: durian , handmade the thorn one by one 

My handmade miniature local singapore clay food , soup yong tau foo, fish ball noodles and fish

My handmade miniature dim sum set 

My handmade mini mooncake: no mold is using

My handmade Miniature fake food: My favourite gyoza set and spaghetti 

To be continued..............