Monday, September 28, 2015

Miniature Set Meal with Abalone

Just did this one last week, my new menu of my miniature set meal.  This miniature set meal include a plate of 2 abalone with broccoli, white rice, a plate of miniature chicken chop with tomato and a cup of coffee. Sound good!

My handmade miniature set menu 

This miniature set meal include miniature abalone, broccoli , meat chop white rice and a cup of coffee. 

                                                      I handmade the mini table for my set meal.                        

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Custom Made Order

Below show my recently miniature fake food custom made order from oversea, Live size and mini size.  From the photo, you can see the live size and the miniature size  is really a  big  different.

My handmade live and mini size of fake food!

Which one is your favourie food? just for display only, they all made of clay!

This is black fried kway teow, I put all the ingredients at the side of the plate 

I love this miniature kueh set, very colorful, 

My handmade miniature fake food for all occasions! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Event @ Sentosa 2015

The photos showed below was taken last week, an event at Sentosa .  It was an outdoor event  and my job was to teach children and adults to make miniature key chain. A very interesting event.

An event @ Sentosa

Clay miniature keychains

My handmade miniature dolls and flowers on the stick

Start making the miniature doll

More and more people coming in. 

This little boy with the help of his father completed the miniature clay key chain.

She did it all by herself ! Great and well done!

She was so happy with her handmade miniature doll. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

miniature Japaneses mast melon

Do you known a good Japanese mast melon cost how much? I heard from a friend , it  is very very expensive, but really taste excellent! So I handmade one  for myself.

My handmade miniature Japanese mast melon , whole and cut 

My mini clay fruit: Japanese Mast Melon 

This is a half cut Japanese Mast Melon.  Yummy..............

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mini Class @ My workshop

I have been teaching miniature clay food making for private class , (1 to 1 basis) many years. I also go to their premises and conduct lesson if participants are more than 10.  Last week, I conducted my mini group class workshop at Chinatown.

Happy with their master art piece. 

Making miniature chwee kueh set at $37, 2 hours session  limited deal ! 

Students ' master art piece. 

Handmade miniature chwee kueh , soon kueh,  handmade coffee mug with coffee. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ang Ku Kueh Hair Band

Have you watch the programme 锁住 味道 on channel 8 every Wednesday 8 pm? Beside the food is so delicious, have you noticed that the hosts change their accessories every week? Those are my handmade live / miniature size of fake food accessory series.  Below is the ang ku kueh series.

My handmade live size ang ku kueh hair band.

See! the host yiling is wearing my handmade ang ku kueh hair band.

Fake ang ku kueh accessories because is live size so I just cast out from a mold. 

For the super mini miniature ang ku kueh , I handmade free hand without mold.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Miniature braise pig trotters

This is a miniature bak ku teh set with mini braise pig trotters and salted veggie that I made recently .
I usually made a plate of you tiao, rice, bak ku teh and black sauce with chille for the famous local dish.  But this time, I added a braise pig trotters and salted veggie as requested.  some time, my clients will also ask me to make a mini chinese tea set to go with it.

My handmade miniature bak ku teh set with braise pig trotters. 

Miniature famous local dish: bak ku teh set 

Miniature bak ku teh, braise pig trotters, black sauce with chille, you tiao, rice and salted veggie. 

This handmade bak ku teh set is in  a very small size, I need to special make a tray to place all these mini dishes.