Friday, January 31, 2014

Gong xi Gong xi 大吉大利

恭 喜 大 家 新 年 快 乐! 大 吉 大 利 !万 事 如 意! 心 想 事 成 !

Wishing all of you a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! 

My handmade miniature oranges for all of you. 

大 吉 大 利 !

心 想 事 成 !

My handmade miniature basket with   柑 (mandarin oranges) 吉祥如意!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chinese New Year Eve

So fast, so fast ,today is already Chinese New Year eve! I still have a lot of things haven't finished yet....washing, cleaning,buying , preparing,,,,,and I am trying to update my miniature blog as fast as I can... so on the last day of the Chinese lunar calender , to thank all of you for so supporting my miniature blog,  I would like to give you my newly handmade miniature oranges....a full basket of abundance in your coming year!

恭喜恭喜  !大丰收!gong xi gong xi !

to all of you ...........Happy Chinese New Year!

my miniature basket with miniature oranges, apples, banana , pineapple, gold bar and huat kueh, all symbolised abundance  

different sizes of miniature basket of fruits 

Plant seeds of of success ,wealth and happiness. and they will come back to you. Always say to yourself:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Scale 1:12 Miniature food

My friend had bought some mini plates for me last month and the size is really very small , it is for the scale 1:12 size plate. So I used them to place simple food eg, a mini chicken drum stick, a popiah...

Mini miniature popiah and chicken drum stick

I love this miniature tray, it can hold many dishes.

From the photo, the mini popiah looks good....

My handmade miniature clay food: popiah 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miniature reunion dinner set (2)

10 more days to go! Have you prepared your reunion dinner?
This is another mini /miniature set table I made for reunion dinner/lunch.  I made a special dish for this set table:  the miniature yusheng, everyone , ready for lo-hei!

Remember to buy some food for your family to prepare the reunion dinner.

A mini miniature reunion dinner /lunch set table

I made the clay yesheng in this very small size, really take a lot of time to finish!

Miniature clay Yusheng, clay fish, clay broccoli and a big pot of fake rice.....

I made the sliver pot myself as there are suitable size of ready made pot to suit my mini table..

Miniature clay mushroom, abalone and broccoli   

Enjoy your food...

My handmade miniature reunion dinner. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mee, Noodles & 面 (mian)

I like to eat noodles than rice, so you can see I made different  types of miniature noodles displayed at my workshop. Miniature mee pok, miniature laksa, miniature fishball noodles, miniature mee rebus , miniature mee siam,  fried noodles like miniature fired hokkien mee, char kway teow, soup noodles like the miniature maggie mee, these are all my favourite food.

You can learn how to make these local noodles in the Advance stage.

My handmade different types of miniature noodles.

My favourite miniature mee pok

My miniature laksa 

Different types of miniature laksa

Miniature wan tan mee

Fried hokkien mee/noodles

Miniature pork mee

Miniature mee pok soup 

Miniature mee siam

Miniature dried prawn mee/noodles

Miniature maggie mee 

Miniature char siew mee

Miniature curry chicken mee

Miniature mee rebus

Miniature fried kway teow

Miniature mee siam

Miniature mee pok dried

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fireman and his figurines

He is a real fireman and it was a big surprise to him as his wife gave him a birthday present is doing a handmade miniature clay work together , this is his first time making handmade miniature art work and  his art work is so fine and neat. To my surprise, his likes to make handmade art work!英雄柔情的一面。

A mini happy birthday for him as a birthday gift too, made by his wife. 

Handmade miniature couple self image key chain

His miniature self image key chain

He made his wife a mini self image too. He did everything following step by step himself (except the mini heart done by me)  final piece with some hair decoration and accessory. (see the first photo) 

Fireman and his lovely wife. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Miniature Reunion Dinner Series (1)

Preparing your Chinese new year goodies? Another 3 more weeks, we will be celebrating  Chinese New Year. To me, the most important thing during this period is to have reunion dinner /lunch /meal with family. I have already prepared one, my miniature reunion dinner.  I am going to show you another miniature reunion dinner table set in my future blog.

This is my handmade miniature steamboat reunion dinner. 

A fish is a must as 年年有余 (鱼)..

This mini table is really very small so limit dishes on the table. 

Some mini eggs and veggie to go with the steamboat meal.

My handmade miniature reunion dinner/lunch set