Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jin Jin Miniature Hawker Stall

     This is another version of my handmade miniature hawker stall.

This miniature hawker stall is bigger than the one I did before. The base is  about 15cm x15

           This is a traditional hawker stall in Singapore  in the 1970s.  You can still find this type of hawker
            stall in some  countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

I cut every part of the wood  and joined them together and form this miniature stall . After that I
 start making all the miniature food stuffs, such as noodles, veggie, roast duck, chicken
and roast pork.
 I have made a wooden miniature chair too. There is a cup, a bowl of noodles and miniature chwee kueh
on the shelf table. 

                 In order to make it look a bit dirty and old, I purposely paint the shelf table.

                             This is viewed from the back of the miniature hawker stall.                        
In order to match this  mini stall, I made the mini chop board, the miniature  knife and the mini soup port 
The size of the plastic basket just match the table.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Miniature Drink: Fake Beer

Do you like my fake oreal  cookies? I have added a glass of mini beer with it. From the picture below , you can see how small is the glass of beer.

               This mini glass of fake beer is different from the one on top. As I  find the white portion is too              
               tall so I redo again.

                                         I have made the mini glass too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miniature Cakes

Do you know by watching all those miniature colorful cakes are son tempting! these mini cake  in the showcase can change you mood.  If you feel moody or unhappy just go to a cake shop and take a look at those beautiful cakes , your mood changed! (Don't stand too long or they will ask you to buy one)

I always stand for a while when I pass by a cake shop, to get some ideas and also thinking what types of cake should I want  next time for birthday.

Making miniature cakes consume a lot of time. because  you need to prepare a lot of toppings, icing and design etc.   I have finished all these cakes in few hours time. Hope you like it!

                                        Which miniature cake do you like most?

These are 1;12 scale miniature cakes

                                                 I love all these mini cakes!  Because I have made them all !

                I like my miniature cake model to be simple and neat . Prepare  all the toppings, miniature  
                     fruits( if you want a miniature fruit cake) fake peanuts etc before starting the cake.

                     The miniature wooden show case match the miniature cake models very well.

                             I bought the miniature showcase in Thailand few years ago.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Miniature Bak Kut Teh and Curry Rice

Singapore Local Delight: Mak Kut Teh has turned into miniature size! I have repeated making this miniature   bak kut teh upon request. I have added some miniature clay garlic and clay sliced chilli.

          The colour of this miniature bak kut teh is a bit lighter as you see at the hawker centers.(after
           cooking for a long time, the colour of the meat will become darker) but I prefer this colour
          (the original meat colour ) because I do not want the colour of the soup and meat look the

                                  Added some sliced mini red chili and  mini garlic.                                  

                                          Have a plate of curry rice with bak kut teh?

                      My handmade local clay food delights:  Miniature bak kut teh 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miniature roti prata

The metal plate that I use to serve my miniature roti prata is made by me. 
In order to cut the plate nicely you need special equipment to do it.

                           My handmade local clay delights : miniature  roti prata and miniature ice jelly . The fake
            orange juice look good from this view.

                               Oh, my mini straw is not straight, the fake orange juice looks delicious too!

           Miniature clay food model: roti prata with fake curry and potatoes on my self-handmade metal

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Live size Oreo cookies

Oreo cookies is so famous that every child knows them so well. Do me, making a famous item is so difficult as they are so unique and certain thing that I cannot handmade them, for example the design on the top of the surface.

Here comes my fake real size clay Oreo cookies. (this is custom-made order. I don't make to sell)

                         This is my handmade fake real size clay food:  Oreo cookies ( for display only)

             Well, the Oreo cookies is not so round compare to the the real one as this is a handmade
              cookies not  machine made.

                    Make two of the cookies and add some white fake cream in the middle.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miniature Japanese Ramen

Ramen is also a very popular dish in Japanese restaurant. I love ramen too especially shoyu and mesho flavor.   I love to make miniature clay noodles . So beside dried clay noodles I make, I also added some fake soup into my minature noodles.

                            This is a simple shoyu ramen with pork. My handmade clay food: ramen

                           The bowl I used for this miniature ramen is 5cm in diameter.

      Miniature clay food: sushi and ramen are always so popular items that people like to buy and keep.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Couple

They came together for lesson. She wanted to give a big surprise to him as that day was his birthday.
They really enjoyed in making the first master piece: Happy Birthday.

                                          Happy couple and their master piece

                   Their master pieces: Happy Birthday . I usually let my students to design their own cake.

       This is My master piece! As showing them how to make a cake I myself also made a simple cake.
        To me, this only used up 10 mins , this is because I always practice , 熟能生巧 , so keep trying!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miniature Laksa

Last blog I have introduced to you the three miniature food  laksa I have made. Actually I have done four of them. Here they are.

 Maybe these  Laksa do not look the same as the you have eaten before but  I just followed the images/photos they sent to me. I like them all as  as they are so unique and I only keep one of them ie, the Penang Laksa

Can you recognize these miniature food?  These are miniature food display clay food models , fake food.Cannot be eaten just for display and collection. I love them all!

This is miniature Singapore laksa

This is miniature Kelantan Laksa

                                            This is miniature Penang Laksa


                                                This is miniature Sarawak Laksa