Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Live Size Dim Sum: Xiao long bao & Siew Mia

This is not miniature size , this is a live size xiao long bao and siew mai.  I bought a real steamer about diameter 20 cm for my handmade live size xiao long bao and siew mai.

My handmade live size xiao long bao and siew mia 

I handmade a small prawn and place it on top of the fake siew mia.

Top view of the dim sum steamer 

Fake dim sum: xiao long bao and fake siew mia. All made of clay. For display only!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Miniature Food Accessories (1) popiah

Recently I custom  made a few miniature food accessories for MediaCorp' stylist, yaowen. On 19th August 2015, 8 pm,   the 1st episode of 锁住味道  the hosts are wearing my handmade popiah ear rings and brooch .

Host yi ling is wearing my handmade miniature ear ring in 锁住味道 programme. 

Host 许振荣 is wearing my handmade popiah brooch on his shirt. 

 My handmade Miniature popiah ear ring and brooch 

Host Lai Yi Ling is wearing this pair of popiah ear rings

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

mini lollipop

Do you like lollipop? I have tried to make a few type of miniature lollipop , below showed one of them , a cookies lollipop. Hope you like it!

My handmade miniature cookies lollipop, I made it into a keychain 

Cute little mini fake lollipop 

This is a custom made order, a lollipop key chain. 

my handmade miniature cookies lollipop key chain.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Miniature kaya toast breakfast.

Kaya/butter toast with half boiled eggs and a cup of kopi is a popular morning breakfast in Singapore. As a tourist, bring it back as a souvenir is a good idea. Below is a miniature kaya toast with half boiled eggs and kopi O (black coffee)  I teach student how to make the half boil egg, the toast and the kaya or butter, beside that, I teach them how to use clay to make the mug and fill with coffee.

         My handmade miniature ksya toast with kopiO

             Add some black sauce onto the half boiled egg, with just 1  lesson, you will learn how to make this cute little miniature morning breakfast set.

                                      Mini half boiled eggs

Sunday, August 9, 2015

SG 50 National Day!

 Happy 50th  Birthday, Singapore!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Mini/Live Size dao sa piah 豆沙饼

Do you like  dao sa piah 豆沙饼?  Recently due to request I handmade these dao sa piah but not real one , is in miniature and live size fake  dao sa piah 豆沙饼. For the half cut live size dao sa piah  豆沙饼, you can see some red paste inside as I used red beans for the filling,

My handmade miniature  fake dao sa piah 豆沙饼 in different sizes

On top of the dao sa piah 豆沙饼 is Chinese character  xiang 香 meaning fragrant 

The 2 live size dao sa piah 豆沙饼 are custom made for  mediaCorp for  food filming.

See, the big and mini dao sa piah 豆沙饼

The miniature dao sa piah 豆沙饼 look very cute in a bamboo tray. 

dao sa piah 豆沙饼

My handmade miniature fake food: dao sa piah 豆沙饼

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miniature wedding cake

Handmade your own wedding cake but in a miniature size? Together with your love one /husband/wife  and make this a very special cake in your whole life. keep it forever and ever!  Just a lesson , you will bring  your handmade master piece back home.  Or send your wedding cake photo to me, together we can make this dream cake comes true.

my handmade miniature wedding couple and their mini wedding cake

You can have your own design wedding cake

The wedding couple (1 lesson)  and  the miniature wedding cake ( 1 lesson) 

Miniature Self image wedding couple 

Miniature wedding couple 

This miniature wedding is super small as I handmade them and place it on top of a miniature wedding cake. (see below) 

                                                          My handmade miniature wedding cake