Sunday, April 29, 2012

Custom made Laksa for Mr S R Nathan

Hi I am Kin, I am so happy that  I received a call last week  asking me to custom made some special miniature Laksa as a gift to our President , Mr S R Nathan. These gifts is for him for  gracing Laksamania orgainised by The Singapore Polls on 26th Apr 2012. I have made 3 miniature Laksa for him.

Please visit singapore pools facebook wall , the Laksamania -Lunch with A Heart.This event took place   on 26th Apr 2012.

                              I hope Mr Nathan like the miniature laksa that I have made.

               They pasted my handmade clay food:  miniature 3 laksa inside a photo frame

Above showed my three handmade miniature food: laksa, Singapore Laksa, (the top)  Sarawak Laksa (left) and Kelantan Laksa. (right)  

This is my handmade miniature clay local food: Singapore Laksa.

Friday, April 27, 2012

2D wawa (paper clay) (2)

On my last post you have seen my half done 2D wawa, right? I have already finished it and here it comes! I like to cover the face when making this type of wawa, so you cannot see the eyes. You can draw the eyes on the face if you like.

Paint the colour you want when the clay totally dried up. Decorate it. In this case, I paste the
 doll on a wooden  base and use it as a wall ornament.

              You can add on anything you like as long as they look beautiful with the wawa. I have make
              2  little hearts for it and a black board so you can leave you message on top!

              As the materials is paper clay, so the outlook will not not as smooth as Japanese clay.

                     Make a hook for the wall ornament , I used a ribbon string. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2D Wawa (Paper Clay)

I like using paper clay to make standing dolls and 2D wawa (doll)  . The only disadvantage of paper clay is that when dried up the weight is a bit heavy.

                       This is a half done 2D wawa I did it last week  when Lily came to learn from me, I will show you again when I have completely finished.

                                     She is  making a  2D doll and this is her first time .

This is Lily's master piece 2D wawa. I am sure she can do even better next piece of work.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Miniature Sushi (2)

I have made these clay miniature food:  sushi . These mini sushi are smaller than the one I have made before in order to fix in the plastic mini container . They  look totally different and cuter !

           Keep the real sushi box next time so you can recycle and use it again.

            My handmade miniature food: Japanese Sushi

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miniature Ancient Hawker Stall

   I think you can still see this type of stall in China. I remembered I last seen it in Singapore when I was a little girl.
   The stall  Uncle usually carried 2 of them (without the table) and moved around the neighborhood to      
    sell his food.

To make this miniature doll house/stall, first, you need to have great patience than use the skill that you have learned in basic and intermediate courses to make the miniature clay food you want. Well, it takes up lot of time to built this stall but really fun and you will feel a great sense of fulfillment you ever have before.

I have also made a handle for the miniature stall so you can carry it around.

                      From the top view you can see my miniature clay food clearly.

    I will not sell my first piece of work (miniature hawker stall or other doll houses) and I will not repeat a second one unless there is a demand/custom made order.

              The most difficult item I think is the fake mini food Bazhang.( dumpling)

                        This mini hawker stall is selling some miniature clay kuehs and ice jelly. A mini wooden
      table is at the side of the stall.


                  The mini stall and mini tables are separated.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Miniature curry puff

Do you like curry puff? I do, so making miniature curry puff is always my favourite.
If you don't cut the curry puff into half, from the outlook, it is also looks like a gou仔, ( the one we eat during Chinese New Year)

                      This is my smallest miniature curry puff I have made.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving Out from Plaza Singapura

To All My Dear Friends:

My miniature items are moving out from Toy Outpost at Plaza Singapura from Today.

 I have shifted to Toy Outpost at Raffles Xchange at Raffles Place Mrt  Station. (turn left  when you come from the staff control room).
Opening hours: Mon- Fri : 11am-8pm
                        Sat: 11am-4pm
close on Sunday & public holidays

 You can also visit my shop/Display  at Chinatown, 26 Temple Street. ( Everyday from 0930am-7pm)

Thank you for all your supports.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miniature 5 carrots (carat) ring

When CY came to learn the carrot ring from me, I was so curious about it. So I asked him, your girl friend loves carrots so much?  He said it is a joke, as he can't afford to buy  a real 5 carat diamond ring now so he wants to make a 5 carrot (carat) ring for her. Isn't this idea so sweet and creative?!

You can buy anything you want if you got money but you may not have the creativity to make something you want ,but you can learn. He bought a carrot ring  from someone before but this time, he decided to make his own diamond ring for his girl friend. So touching! I am sure the one who received it will never forget his love and sincere .

                                              A 5 carat (carrot)  diamond ring.

               This is CY's 5 carrot (carat) ring and a mini one carrot cake .

                                           one carat (carrot) diamond ring!

        Everyone is born with creativity , don't let them sleep through your life. Wake them up!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Miniature Bar Chor Mee

Bar Chor mee (肉脞面)or minced pork noodles is always my favourite food ( I mean the real food).In my early stage of making fake food, I was so sad that I cannot make myself a miniature clay mee pok. I tried many methods and keep on practiced until I satisfied with my work.

I have made a few bowls of 20 cent coin clay miniature mee pok, I seldom make bar chor mee pok in so small size as it takes more time to do, my student ask me to make few at a time so I try. It is super  happy when you see five finish at a time.

          without the miniature watermelon at the size, sometime you can't tell whether the miniature food is
          real or fake.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Qing Ming (清明)

The Qing Ming Festival is also know as the March Festival Originating from The Zhou Dynasty. It is set in the 15th day after the spring equinox of 24 solar. It has a history of more than 2500 years. But the most popular is know as Grave-sweeping  or Spring Remembrance. It is a time the Chinese families show their respect to their ancestors by visiting the graves.

There are many Qing Ming  rituals practice  by the Chinese, one of them is food offerings to their ancestors. 

Here are some of my handmade miniature clay food for those who want to pay their respect and place them at the columbariums. 

                        My handmade clay food:  /size: 20cent coin. miniature local delights and pastries.

Can you name all the food? 

I love the miniature kuehs!

There are some many machine-made miniature pastries in the market so I seldom make them.

The miniature  roti parata  looks delicious! Learn how to make this at Advance level. 

        Keep all your favorite miniature food together, it really fun and joy when looking at them, especially 
       your own handmade miniature food, no matter what is the purpose of making it.  I love it!