Saturday, November 28, 2015

For Loved One

Custom made some lovely miniature food or figurines for your loved one to make them happy. Below shown some of my custom made miniature food and drinks.

                           Miniature fried chicken wings, nasi lemak , mini steamboat, chilli crabs... 

Miniature steak, morning breakfast, tutu kueh, KFC, cakes etc....

Which is your favourite food? non of them? just custom made one for your self or learn how to make one of them!

My handmade cup of pepsi cola, whipped potatoes and coleslaw salads and fried chicken. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Miniature Iphone & Handbag

These are recently custom made miniature Iphone and  handbag. The miniature Iphone is really very small and take me extra time to make it straight, but I am satisfied with my handmade miniature Iphone.  very cute!

My handmade miniature Iphone and handbag.

The miniature mini Iphone is about 1.5 cm 

Custom made miniature items: ipone, handbag and slippers. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Miniature set meal with chicken chop

Miniature fake food: chicken chop ,  abalone with veggies, rice  and go with a cup of coffee. Wow, this combination of food sound delicious!

My handmade miniature set meal , miniature chicken chop, rice, abalone, broccoli and a cup of coffee. 

Also make a mini table for my miniature set meal 

make some miniature cucumber and tomato to go with my miniature chicken chop 

fake abalone, broccoli , rice, a plate of chicken chop with cucumber and tomato.   

Friday, November 13, 2015

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl YR received a very special gift from her boyfriend on her birthday . He made a very delicious miniature cake for her and birthday girl made a table of her favourite food: sushi for herself.  Both enjoyed the 2 hrs lesson very much!

QF gave his girl friend YR a big big surprise on her birthday !

He handmade this tasty pie cake and breads as a gift  for her birthday. He wrote their names and placed them at the top of  the cake 

Birthday girl made herself a table of sushi.  What a special celebration birthday party!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Miniature Fake Clay Food: Chwee Kueh

These fake miniature local delights , chwee kueh were done recently . Do you usually eat chwee kueh as your morning breakfast? I love the topping chye poh although is very oily but it provides the taste so usually ask the boss to give me more !more!and more!

PS: Chye Poh is salted radish which is used as a topping on Chwee Kueh.

You can learn how to make miniature chwee kueh set at $37!! Limited Time only!

My handmade fake miniature clay food: chwee kueh 

Miniature chwee kueh with topping chye poh, chili with chopsticks. 

Singapore famous local delights: chwee kueh 

Mother and daughter group.

Well done!

Friends, couples, family, all are welcome!

Happy with their miniature chwee kueh art piece. 

A Complete set: miniature chwee kueh, soon kueh, chili  and a handmade coffee mug with coffee.
( above chwee kueh set done by my students) 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Miniature KFC Meal

Recently I have made this miniature KFC meal with a mini pepsi drink , coleslaw and whipped potato.  I used clay to handmade the pepsi cola cup , the containers for the coleslaw and whipped potato too.

Every thing handmade with clay except the plate .

My handmade miniature KFC meal with pepsi cola drink. 

It looks even cuter inside my handmade KFC meal box. 

Miniature KFC meal : miniature pepsi , whipped potato , coleslaw and fried chicken